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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Life with two girls

Becoming a new mommy again so many years later has definitely been a little more challenging then I expected. Sophia has been out of school since two days after Ella was born, which means juggling the demands of a needy infant and a six year old who is going stir crazy from being cooped up in the house all summer... All while trying not to fall asleep- thank you coffee!

Our days lately usually go like this... Ella wakes me up anywhere from 4-6 for a feeding, then stares at me with her sweet little eyes making me feel guilty until I finally admit defeat an go turn on the coffe maker so I can wake my butt up. Johnny wakes up around 5:30 we have coffee together and talk about how tired we are and talk with Ella who is wide awake and cute as ever. 

Then Johnny leaves for work and I either fall back asleep with the baby for a few hours or watch hours of Netflix until Sophia wakes up around 8 or 9. If Ella is asleep we cuddle and talk and eat breakfast together, if she's awake Sophia begs me to hold her until I finally give in. Then holds her for about two minutes while I pick up the bedroom from the night before, or pee or wash bottles. 

For the rest of the day Ella eats, poops and sleeps around the clock, I try to entertain Sophia which includes too much tv and computer time, I pickup the house do laundry, breast pump, wash bottles, pick up the house again, go temporarily crazy...etc. etc... I try to get out of the house once a day to the grocery store or my moms house so that Sophia doesn't loose her mind. It's just so damn hot in Arizona right now and getting two kids in and out of the house and planning it between pumping/feeding sessions is just a lot of work.

Finally around 5 Johnny comes home from work and we all spend time together, eat dinner, watch movies, play card games until bedtime. We bathe Ella, get the girls in their pajamas, read to Sophia and try to get them both to sleep by around 8. Sophia plays barbies in bed for like two more hours because she likes to drive me crazy, I get everything ready for midnight feedings and the following day and then try to go to sleep. Ella USUALLY wakes up twice at night for a feeding and falls asleep pretty quickly after each bottle.

The hours are long but the days fly by and somehow Ella is already 6 weeks old.  Going back to work last week has really given me a nice break and time to be a human being again (I only work part time, 4 days 27 hours a week). In four weeks Sophia will start 1st grade which will great for all of us, she gets to have fun learning and playing with her friends and I'll have a little break on my weekdays off. 

(First day back to work)

Slowly but surely we are learning how to be a family of four and I couldn't be happier :)

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