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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

school and 2 month shots

The days seem to be going by so fast around, I feel like a tornado all day long going 100 miles an hour through everything I do and then all of a sudden its bed time and I'm supposed to somehow unwind and fall asleep. Hopefully things get a little easier once Sophia is back in school and we get into a routine again. She FINALLY goes back next Monday so we have been trying to get used to going to bed and waking up early showering daily and changing out of the pajamas she's been living in all summer- don't judge me. We also have been going to the library and checking out books for her to read and working on sight words and other school basics that we should have done more of over the summer. Back to school shopping is almost complete (thank god for uniforms) we are just on the lookout for the perfect backpack!

On the sadder side of things, I have finally decided it's time to get my chunky butt to the gym. Mostly because Johnny is doing it too. I HATE working out. The thought of causing my body pain and getting stinky AND sweaty just has no appeal to me at all. And I was kind of hoping that breastfeeding (or exclusively pumping in my case) would do the trick and I wouldn't have to workout for like a year! But sadly that's not happening. 

I was lucky enough to loose all but 3 pounds of the baby weight without any effort, but I started out this pregnancy a good 25 pounds over weight :( so off to the gym I go tomorrow. Maybe if I blog about it I'll stay more motivated. Or maybe I'll just go binge on vanilla wafers before it's too late! Hahaha 

Ella had her two month shots yesterday and she did surprisingly well. There was definitely a good amount of crying but that stopped as soon as I picked her up, and she has been perfect ever since :)

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