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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Before I ever became a mommy I always had this perfect little picture of how motherhood would be. You know all the crap you see on movies or in magazines, like model babies being all perfect and cuddly and sweet. HILARIOUS. Just in case anyone is reading this and you are not a mom yet, just go ahead and leave this blog because I am about to ruin your little vision of motherhood right now....

So it's 12:45 at night right and I am on puke watch for Sophia. Earlier tonight she passed out in my bed while I was still at work and Johnny was cleaning up our bedroom (really strange she doesn't fall asleep until we lay her down) Later Johnny goes to bed and I'm still up on the computer when I hear Johnny shouting my name so I run to the room and Sophia is laying on her back vomiting all over her self (poor baby) so I shove Johnny out of the way sit her up and let her throw up in my hands (yay!) My poor kid is so confused and has no clue whats going on or why she's sleeping in my bed, I kick Johnny out of the room and start yanking the sheets of the bed.

Quick side story....many years ago I reluctantly let Johnny give up his vomit duties, he always ends up getting grossed out by it and starts vomiting too and then we have double the mess to clean up. So don't hate on Johnny, normally he would totally help me with this stuff but honestly it's just easier to send him out of the room and take care of it myself.

So where were we? Oh ya, there is puke all over my bed, in my kids hair (which goes all the way to her butt) and all over her jammies. Great. So I stick her in the bathtub for a second, gather up all the sheets and blankets and throw them in the wash, and then start washing the puke chunks out of Sophia's hair. How did my life come to this??? Seriously if you would have told me 10 years ago that when I was 21 years old I would be cleaning up someone else's puke I would have laughed in your face. Do you see the irony in this??? 

Honestly though no matter how much it sucks, I would clean up puke every single day for that little girl. I even kissed her little vomit-smelling cheek when she threw up five minutes after I gave her a bath. 
 But right now she passed out in her bed and hopefully the vomiting is over for good (cross your fingers, knock on wood) 

Do you have any disgusting stories like this??? I swear I have a million more.... and my kid is only four!!


  1. Ahhh...the joys of motherhood. Ain't it sweet?

    I remember when I took you and your brother on a road trip. You, who never gets sick, puked your guts out all on the floor of the car. Of course, that made your brother throw up on his side. I pulled over to the side of the road and just cried. The car smelled like puke the rest of the trip.

    Even better? When your brother was 2, we flew from Florida to Vermont. He got sick on the plane and puked all over me. That made your Dad sick, so he jumped over me to run to the bathroom. Yea, that was fun.

  2. I did the same thing for Johnny the night of his bachelor party..lol