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Monday, August 6, 2012

Cruising to Cabo

So we are finally on the cruise ship YAY! We are like asian tourists on this huge boat, looking at everything the whole way up to the boat and even when we get inside. Cruise ships are so amazing. We get to our cute little room and unpack everything for the week, so that's out of the way. Here's some pics of our room.

Oh ya my mom called our cruise line ahead of time and had them decorate it all HAPPY HONEYMOON style, which was totally cheesy and amazing, mom rocks. 

So the first two days were just "days at sea". Each day the cruise people give you an agenda of what is going on around the cruise ship throughout the day. It includes all kinds of fun stuff like, bingo games, dance performances, a comedy show art shows and more. And on top of all that theres also pools and Jacuzzis, tons of food to eat, and of course a gorgeous view to sit on the deck and stare at for hours. I think the whole first afternoon and night we spent all of our time just walking around the cruise ship looking at all the different stuff they have to offer, and eating dinner. 

Us in the elevator going up to dinner the first night :]
Beautiful right??

Exploring the ship the second day...

This is from the top deck looking down.
 We really just relaxed, slept alot (seriously this time) and stuffed our faces with free food. OMG the food! I seriously crave things that we ate on that cruise ship all the time, I wish I would have taken more pictures but I'm such a chucky butt I couldn't possibly wait one more minute to pull out my camera and take a picture before I devoured my food :]

You see all that food? No wonder I gained all the wedding weight back!

The next day it was finally our first day in Cabo! So we got up nice and early, got ready and waited for our tender boat number to be called so we could get to Cabo.

Beautiful :]

And the drinking age there is only 18 so Johnny got right to it and ordered a beer

And then a pina colada to share :]

And we went to Cabo Wabo, and shared THE BEST chicken and cheese quesadilla I have ever had.

We didn't have a whole lot of spending money, so we mostly walked around and checked things out, acted silly, sat on the beach, shopped around for souveniers, bought lots of stuff for Sophie, and just relaxed.

We ordered yummy drinks...

 And a mexican guy tried to put a bearded dragon on Johnny's head. 

And then tried to charge me $2 for snapping this picture.....

Then it was time to go back to the cruise ship for the night.

The next morning we decided we would use the rest of our honeymoon money on renting a jet ski. Now the cruise ship only warned us about a few things before going in to Mexico, and two of them were don't rent a jet ski, and get in a water taxi to take you to the beach. Well after watching hundreds of people from our cruise do this on the first day, we decided we were going to be rebellious and take a water taxi to the beach where they rent out the jet skis. And it was the best thing we did the entire honeymoon. Of course, I've been on a jet ski plenty of times as a kid but not with Johnny :] And of  course he had never been on one either.

It was amazingly pretty out there, you couldn't just walk over to the "Lover's Arch" you had to go on an expensive boat excursion that would probably bore us to death. But we took the jet ski right over there.

Then we lounged on the beach for a while....

We ordered a few more legal drinks and headed back to the cruise ship to stuff our faces with delicious food and get bundled up to sit on the cruise deck for the rest of the night.

The next day we had a day at sea, where we lounged around some more, ate too much food and did some stuff around the cruise ship. And then after that we were ready to leave our little paradise on water :( But I was ready to get back to my little princess and our new married life together!

Before we went to go get Sophia, we stopped at our tattoo place and got matching tattoos that we had been planning for a while....

Our wedding date :]
Mine on my wrist, his on his forearm.

Then we went to my mom's to pick up Sophie, went with them out to dinner to share the stories about or trip and give everyone the gifts we found for them in Mexico.

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