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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Thank god for my kid

Please excuse me if this post ends up with tons of typos or doesn't make any sense at all.... I'm posting from my phone today, while sitting at the mall play place letting Sophia "get her crazies out" as she likes to call it. Poor kid has been here alot in the past few weeks because I have absolutely NO energy to speak of and can't even entertain the poor girl. So we come here almost everyday so she can run around like a crazy person with other kids her age. AND she doesnt have to be couped up in the house all day with her boring mommy. Am I just an awful mom, or do you guys do this with your kids too?

 Normally I would take her on a walk, a bike ride or just a trip to the park for an hour or so. But it's unbearably hot outside and I swear i'm having like pregnancy hot flashes or something, WTF?? Anyone else out there ever go through that while pregnant? Cuz I for sure don't remember it from last time.... 

 Anyway, despite my laziness I'm still managing to get alot done, thanks to Sophia. I swear this kid keeps me alive sometimes! The other day we were running around doing 100 things, and I had to simultaneously get Sophia in her dance class outfit, pack her a bag to spend the night at my moms, get dinner in the crockpot and get myself ready for work, all in like 30 minutes. So what does Sophia do? Gets all her dance clothes on, packs a bag for herself including panties, janmies, an outfit for the next day, shoes AND a toy to sleep with. Ya. My kid rocks. Every time we get out of the car she reminds me to put the sun shade in front of the windshield so we don't croak when we get back in the car later. I ALWAYS forget to do that.

 Sophia's been my spouse lately since my other one is gone at work or sleeping 24/7 (which by the way is ending today!!) So thank god for my awesome little girl, for helping me and loving me and keeping me posotive through such a crappy few weeks.

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