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Sunday, August 5, 2012

I'm dying

I better get this post in before it's midnight and I have failed at being a blogger yet again.... 

I am exhausted people. I think my body is giving up on me, it doesn't want to be tired anymore so it's making me disgusting! Lol for example, I have a bruise on my inner arm, I burned my finger with a curling iron that is now turning into like this bubbling nasty thing, my boobs are killing me, my face is breaking out like crazy my body aches and did I mention I'm exhausted??? And Sophia just loves to crawl all over me and hurt my already aching body....I think she is doing it on purpose now. HAHA. Anyways tomorrow I finally have a day off and I just might cry thinking about possibly doing nothing all day (this won't happen). 

I still have no readers on this blog, maybe because all I do is complain??? But I have like 200+ views, so where are all you people out there who are checking out my page (besides my mom and step-dad) Drop a comment below and let me know you exist! I need some inspiration people!!

I'm going to go pass out now....sorry for the lame wanna-be post. But I promise a better one tomorrow!

I'll leave you with some awesome old pictures so that this post wasn't a complete waste of your time.....

The day I left the hospital with Sophie :]

Mine and Johnny's graduation :]
The princess at 3 months old. She could be a model, I'm tellin' ya.

Our first family pictures :]

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