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Monday, August 6, 2012


Since I've been such a crappy blogger lately, I decided to write a nice lengthy post on our honeymoon today to make up for my suckiness. First off let me tell you how proud I am that after paying for a $10k wedding, we were still able to scrape up the money to go on a honeymoon at the very young age of 20. This also happened to be the very first vacation we went on alone, like as adults.... with no one else making the plans for the day and telling us where to go. We were very successful and we had so much freaking fun.

So we decided, after going back and fourth with a bunch of different options, to go on a Carnival cruise to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! And every since we stepped of that big boat I have decided I want to live on a cruise ship for the rest of my life :] HA. This is the first cruise either one of us had even been on and it was seriously one of the best times of my life. So here was our HUGE ship....

But let me back track a bit because I did promise that this post would be lengthy..... So originally we had some crazy expensive honeymoon wishes like going to Hawaii or some other beautiful tropical Island. Then once the wedding budget got higher and higher, we laughed about how nuts we were and decided we were just going to keep it simple and drive to California and do some fun things there for a week. Nice and cheap, and we have never been there as adults before, never been there together, and hey Cali is a fun place for a vacay. But I really wanted something a little more exciting then just a trip to California, one that we could make any day of the week since we live so close. 

Then about 2 months before the wedding, we were researching hotels in California to start booking for the honeymoon, when the hubby saw a little ad for cruises. I don't know what he was thinking but he decided to check out the prices and dates and all the fun stuff you could do on a cruise and he was sold. 

Ok here's why that's weird.... my husband is afraid of the ocean. He was born and raised in Arizona and only saw the ocean like one time his entire childhood, and he still to this day does not like going to the beach. Sea life (like fish, and sting rays and sharks and ESPECIALLY dolphins) freaks him out, like he doesn't wanna get in the water because one of them might swim by his foot. Ohhh ya and he's never been on a boat in his entire life! So imagine my surprise when my husband tells me what a good idea it would be to get on a HUGE ship surrounded my water and sea creatures.... But of course I'm all into it, I was born in Tampa, Florida lived there till I was ten, went to the beach ALL THE TIME, been on a boat about a thousand times, so we booked the cruise.

Now back to the honey moon....

So after our awesome/crazy wedding (which you can read about herehere, and also here) we stayed the night in a hotel close by that we had booked in advance. Cutest story about this hotel stay...we went to go check in to the hotel, of course still in our wedding clothes and a little family was walking back to their room after going to the pool. There was a mom dad and little girl my daughters age, and as soon as they saw me the dad said "Look *child's name* it's a princess!!" pointing at me. The little girl was like so happy and dad told her "I bet if you wave to her, she'll wave back" so of course I wave to this little cute girl. I felt like a freaking disney princess it was so adorable. 

Anyways, we get checked in, unpack some of the stuff from our suitcases (because we are not experienced enough travelers to know we should have packed an overnight bag) got the hotel room and decided we were starving. So we called my mom, who was cleaning up the wedding venue, and asked her to bring us the leftover pizza! Anddd being the awesome mom that she is, she freaking brought us some! Then we peacefully went to bed because we were so tired (HA!! come on my parents read this blog, humor me!)

Next morning we get up, go to my moms for breakfast and open our wedding gifts (all 3 of them) before we head out on our big day! We sadly have to say goodbye to Sophia, I've never been away from her for this long, but I can't show her how depressed I am to leave her, then she'll be sad :[

It's about a six hour drive to get to Los Angeles, where we will be staying the night at a hotel and then going straight to the cruise dock in the morning. So were having a fun time singing songs, talking about how awesome wedding is and how we can't believe were actually married, when my mom calls. "You left you're birth certificate on my kitchen counter" SAY WHAT???? I need my birth certificate to get on the cruise ship since we didn't have the time or money to get passports. It's also a Saturday and our cruise leaves the next morning which is a Sunday, so my mom can't possibly mail it to us in time. So after driving almost 2 hours, we now have to turn around and go get my stupid birth certificate. Thank god for awesome moms (and the power of throwing a fit and crying) she drove to meet us half way, so we could be on our way faster. 

Ok now were back on the road, running an hour behind. But who cares we just got married and we are about to go on an awesome HONEYMOON!!! So we get to the hotel in California, unpack our suitcases and the get some grub. 

AMAZING meal, our first expensive meal, since like EVER. And we do all kinds of cheesy stuff like fit in the words "husband" and "wife" in every single sentence we can, because were excited and geeky little newly-weds. We get back to the hotel, get lots of sleep (HA!) and catch some breakfast in the morning.

There's the pretty hotel ^. Then we went into town and did a little shopping and spent lots of money because the wedding is over now and we can finally do that! 

Then it's time to get over to the cruise ship and we are SO freaking excited. We got lost, finally found the place, got lost inside the loading area of the cruise, parked, freaked out, checked our bags and then waited in line for like an hour for them to check all our papers and let us on the cruise. 

Stay tuned for more!

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