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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Where have you been???

Didn't I just say I was going to try to write a new post everyday?? I think I jinxed myself..... it's been like three days since I've written a new post, no wonder I have no readers :[ Well I've been talking to a realtor back and fourth trying to find a house so we can get the heck out this place (cross your fingers) I've also been working my booty off, picking up extra hours and clients trying to save some money. When I feel scared about something coming up, I save money like a fiend....makes me feel in control or something. Don't know where I learned this, but it's a pretty good habit to have. 

Anyways the other day I went on a little cooking spree and made these...
They're pumpkin cream cheese crescent rolls. YUM! Except for I think I went a little pumpkin crazy because you couldn't even taste any cream cheese in them. But that's what trial runs are for. I'm thinking of making like a TON of these for Christmas time and putting them in cute little tins and giving them to all the family. They're super cheap to make but totally yummy. Comment below for the recipe!

Then I made these for the hubby....

They're breakfast burritos, that you make like twenty of, freeze them and then you pop them in the microwave for like 2 minutes and there ready to go! I found this recipe/idea on pinterest and it is sssoooo awesome for us because my husband drives a truck all day, so he packs his lunch. He needs something hardy to keep him going all day long, and I am not waking up at 5:30 in the morning with him to make him breakfast. They have sausage, hash browns, eggs and cheese in them, hubby says they are really yummy!

Then after that I STILL made dinner, three home made things in one day.... I'm starting to look like a little housewive :]

Well I'm off to my mom's house but hopefully I'll have enough time before work to come back and write another post.... to make up for not posting three days straight. Jeeeshhh I suck.