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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


So lately I have been pinning tons of recipes for food and trying them out. And let me tell you guys- pinterest is better then any cookbook I've ever read. And most the time all the recipes I find are from someone else's blog, who tried the recipe tons of times and perfected it, so you don't usually have to switch anything up. Pinterest is making me into quite the little chef. So here are some of my favorites:

Mexican DORITOS Casserole...

This recipe is seriously dangerous and you absolutely HAVE to make it...like tonight. Unless you don't like Doritos, cheese and the taste of heaven in your mouth. HA!
This is where you can find the recipe, she has tons of other recipes too-yum!

My next favorite is Crockpot cream cheese chicken chili (what a mouthful!)

Haha, can you tell I have been craving Mexican food and lots of cheese lately?? We LOVED this recipe and it's a little healthier then the Dorito one above.
You can find this recipe here.

And finally this super yummy recipe that I have been making myself for breakfast every morning :]

You guys HAVE to check out this website for lots of different overnight oatmeal recipes, she has like 16 different ideas. And they are all yummy and SUPER healthy, which balances out the dorito dinner I'm about to devour! You can find the recipes here.

Do you guys have any DELISH (but easy, because I'm a newbie) recipes I should try out?? We pretty much eat anything in our house, except for seafood, so I know there are tons of good recipes out there!

I have this fantasy that one day I'll be a really awesome cook and when my kids grow up they'll be like "Ohhh mom, you HAVE to make you Dorito casserole dish when all my friends come over!" Or my in-laws will say, let's go over to Steph and Johnny's house she makes the yummiest food! Maybe I'm crazy, but I think it's the best compliment when people love your food...So ever since we got married I've been on a mission to become an awesome chef! It's gunna happen people, I'm gunna be the next Pioneer woman or something!!

On another note, I've still been doing my hair daily (I PROMISE!) I just haven't been taking pictures of myself because #1 I've been breaking out like crazy since I got preggers and #2 We've been seriously busy and I don't have the time :/