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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I hate this apartment

I could NOT be more ready to move out of this apartment you guys! WE still have two freaking months left on the stupid lease, but I want out NOWWWW!!!

 If I have to squeeze myself into the guest bathroom one more time I am going to freak out. Seriously, my guest bathroom/Sophia's bathroom is the smallest bathroom in the world, with the worst layout (if you can even call it that. You can see it a little in the video I posted on this post where Sophia is dancing on the counter. Well from that counter if you turn around you can walk exactly four steps until you hit the toilet, and then there is the shower on the left hand side that is only about one step away from the toilet. To even be able to use the toilet in this room, you have to walk in, step aroudn the door, close the door and then sit on the toilet. It is ridiculous, my daughter is even too big to just slide around the door to get to the potty. Why would you make the smallest bathroom in the world and then have the door open into the bathroom??? This is beyond me....

On top of that we really have just outgrown this place, all of our closets are exploding with stuff. And not because I am like a hoarder or something, trust me I'm very organized and I get rid of junk that we don't need all the time. I hate clutter. 

We need a backyard for Gizmo and Sophia to run around in. Sophia LOVES being outside, but I hate taking her to the park where it's a million degrees and we have to make a whole day of it. I would love to just sit on a patio with a cold wine cooler and watch her run around and play and be a kid. 

And let's just talk about living in an upstairs apartment..... Try going grocery shopping for the week (by yourself because your husband works 10 hours a day) and having a million bags to carry from your parking spot 20 feet away, all the way up a flight of stairs.... In the 100+ degree heat, like four or five times because your a weakling and get everything all at once. 

I am fed up people. I can't take this place anymore. I don't even feel like cleaning today because I hate this place so much, and have absolutely NO pride in it. What's the point??? 

So today I called a realtor that my mom recommended and she is going to start looking for some houses to rent for us. YAY! Hopefully in about two months we will have a cute little rental home, instead of this crappy apartment. Cross your fingers everyone....

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