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Monday, July 23, 2012

Part 3

Is this the longest wedding story you've ever heard yet?? I warned you guys that I was a talker... and I'm even bypassing tons of little stories and just focusing on the highlights. I'm sure you guys could tell some good stories about your weddings too though...

So where were we???? Ohhh crap the rehearsal. So I'm just gunna start off by saying, I know I screwed up and I was rude to some people that I shouldn't have been rude to but I did apologize to those who deserved an apology. 

OK so my bridal party and I arrive at the dinner before my parents and my brother get there, and we decided to order without them since they were sooo rudely late (I know I know I regret all of this) Then my parents and step-grandma come in and sit on the other side of the table and I can't even be bothered to talk to them because I'm so upset (or such a spoiled jerk!) We're all having a pretty decent time, some people were being pretty annoying (but I'm not gunna go into that because they'll everntually read this blog and I would REALLY hurt their feelings) everyones excited about the wedding, all kinds of good energy. And then my brother walks in and I don't even want to look at him so I keep my back to him.

 Randomly a little girl taps me on the back and says hi to me, and I look at her so freaking confused because I can't figure out who I'm looking at, when I realize it's my little cousin who flew in from Florida!!! I look around and see my FAVORITE Aunt everrr and my other little cousin video taping my reaction. I was bawling again, because they are the ONLY family (with the exception of my Maid of Honor, my cousin Kenya) who flew in for my wedding, which I was suppppperrr upset about. I really thought no one was going to show up. Sooo let me fill you in, when my brother had to leave to get these random relatives that I didn't know he was really picking up my Aunt and cousins from the airport, my mom was all sketchy because she sucks at lying and she was helping set up the surprise. So imagine my embarrassment when I realize I flipped out on them for no good reason and I was totally rude to the people that were trying to surprise me and make me happy. Dumb bride moment #4. 

So after that I apologized to everyone and dinner went pretty well :] here's my Aunt Michelle (Titi Shell) and Sophia...

And then comes dumb bride moment #5. Kicking my husband out of the apartment the night before the wedding and having a sleep over with all my bridesmaids. Ok I have a freaking 2 bedroom apartment, there was my daughter and I, my 5 bridesmaids and their SIX kids all trying to relax and get rest before my huge day! Biggest fail EVER! I ended up arguing with my hubby most of the night because I felt so distant from him with all this craziness going on around us (we are soooo not used to this kind of stuff) and 4 out of 5 of my bridesmaids didn't even notice I was gone half the night crying in the bathroom and talking to the hubs. It was a complete nightmare, my house was a disaster (which stresses me out like crazy) and no one was concerned about it, my freaking mom stayed till like midnight helping me clean up everyone's mess while they sat and chit chatted on my couch. At this point I was pretty much over it. I wasn't even angry anymore, I didn't yell at anyone I just went to sleep (ha ya right I stared at the ceiling for a few hours, I couldn't sleep for shit)I don't have a single picture of this sleep over because the whole thing was just annoying. 

Day of the wedding:

Yayyy... we're finally here jeeshh this taking forever! So we get up at 8:30, I literally have to drag one of my bridesmaids out of bed. My brother-in-laws come over to help clean up and set up for the wedding-LOVE THEM! We all pile up in my car to head to the venue and my car battery dies. I mean of course it does, this weeks sucks enough already why not pile on more bullcrap. My mom comes over to jumpstart it and were good to go, we get there set up for about an hour and then we gotta leave because my hubby and the groomsmen are coming to set up some more and I can't see him until the wedding (which sucked because he calms me down like no one else can) Then it's rush around pick up last minute stuff, hair make-up, babysit the freaking bridesmaids, drop off sophia, lock myself out of my apartment, stress out, pick up mom, babysit the bridesmaids and hair one more time.

Oh ya...I did hair on my wedding day. Is that picture insane or what?? And this was before my other four bridesmaids came in and crowded up the place, wanting help with their hair... I have never been so stressed out in my life, you guys! But I was calm during it all, I didn't snap, I didn't cuss or say rude things to people I was just in the zone...everything had to get done; this was it. And when I started to put my jewlery on and pull the dress over myself everything was good...this is it.

That's my gorgeous mommy ^

Anddd then I had a makeup disaster where my eyelash was falling out and the only person that could help was the photographer...oh my. Ok it's time to walk down the aisle, my mom comes back to check me out make sure I'm ready... "Where's you bouquet?" F***!!! I leterally left my freaking bouquet at home. This has got to be a joke right? My mom tells me to relax, that there's nothing we can do about it now, that I can't get upset. Ok. OK. And then I remembered the throw bouquet that my friend insisted on making me-THANK GODDD!!! I grabbed that sucker and pulled back the almost tears and I was ready to walk down that aisle.
Of course my step-dad said like two sweet words to be and I was bawling and ruining my make-up, but I don't care I'm marrying my best friend today and he doesn't care about my make-up. And then my hubby gave my daughter a little baby ring (I had no idea he was doing this) and said little daddy vows to her, and everyone in the audience cried along with me....
I still cry every time I watch the video. He is such a good daddy.
 A sand ceremony, exchanging of rings and some vows later we were finally married, and all the drama and stress and craziness was totally worth it.

Really one of the best days of my life, no one messed up like they did in the rehearsal, everyone that was important to me showed up and everything looked beautiful. 

The reception was very minimal drama, we ate pizza (both of our absolute favorite foods) cut the cake, did all the appropriate dances, and I only cried once when I danced with my brother in memory of my daddy who passed away. But we danced and laughed and had a great night :] We don't have any professional pictures because the photographers left after the ceremony but I do have a few to leave you with...

Then End :]


  1. Best wedding, ever!! And one of the most wonderful days of my life :)

    And yes, I suck at lying. So do you!