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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Day off with my girl :]

Usually my days off consist of running around like a crazy person with a million errands while hauling the princess with me and keeping her occupied... but today I had NOTHING to do, I love these kind of days. So our day started off by sleeping in till 10 and cuddling in bed watching a movie till 11:30 (ohhh ya people I trained my baby right! haha) we got up ate breakfast together and just lounged around the house for an hour or two. Then Sophia was nagging me to ride her bike, which is like her favorite thing to do right now and I hate it because it's like 115 out here and I am NOT an outdoor kind of girl. But like a good mommy I gave-in to her and decided to make it fun by letting her ride her bike up to Wendy's which is like .5 miles away from my house.
Here's my girlie posing for the camera before we left the house, she is hilarious.
She did good on her bike with only a few falls and swerving into the grass. We got to Wendy's, got an iced coffee for mommy and a vanilla frosty for her and then headed back home. It only took us about an hour and half (she's a pretty slow bike rider) but it got all of her energy out and now I have a much happier 4 year old :] 

Anddd right about now she is in her room having quiet time- which is the best thing that I have ever done for her. Does anyone else have quiet time for their kiddos? We started it a few months ago, a client suggested I do it when Sophia stopped taking naps. I was only working three days a week at the time and I needed a little me time during the day without feeling guilty about it. So every afternoon whenever she's getting a little cranky and I need a little space from her, I set an alarm on my phone (this is how she knows its quiet time AND night-night time) and she goes to her room with a snack and a drink and has quiet time. I turn on her little radio so she doesn't feel lonely and she plays in there nicely for about an hour until the phone goes off again. ABSOLUTELY the best thing we've ever done for ourselves and she really does like playing in her room for a little while once she got used to the idea. Do this with your kids if you don't already, we all need time to read, watch grown-up tv or blog don't we??? 

Oh! ANNNDD I even kind of did something with my hair today! So here's an awful pic of what my hair usually looks like when I'm going to be outside and it's hot and disgusting:
But today I was more like this: 
Ok it's not the best hair ever but it's better then that crap up there^. I'm taking baby steps! 

So all I did was comb out my hair from yesterday, tease a little bit at the roots and threw it in a ponytail. More then enough work for walking to Wendy's in the middle of summer, if you ask me :]

Anyways have a good day people, I'll be back tomorrow with a new hairstyle! (hopefully...)

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