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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Day one of the hair resolution

I started my hair resolution today instead of yesterday because today is my "wash day" and I wanted to start my style with a fresh wash. So today I kept it pretty simple, I figure if I start simple and keep adding to my routine then I will be more likely to stick with it. I usually flat iron my hair so for my first day I just amped up the style a little more. This is a picture of what my hair usually looks like straight. This is just a silly picture I took with Sophia about a month ago but as you can see I just ran a flat iron over it and that was it, it's very very flat and boring. HELLLLOOO I'm a hairstylist what am I doing??
So I went out and bought some root lifter and hairspray (because I seriously didn't own any for my personal use, jeesh I suck!) I shampooed my hair, blow dryed, straightened and teased and this is what I came out with.

I don't have a single dab of makeup on my face so don't judge me, this post is about the hair not the make-up! I'll get to the make-up eventually!!

So I think this is pretty good for day one, it's just a little more OOOMPPHH then my usual 'do but I feel alot more put together and a little more like a hairstylist :]

So what do you guys think? A little extra volume seems to go a long way for me...I'm pretty excited about my hair resolution!

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  1. I'm going to have to try that stuff! And if I looked as beautiful as you do without makeup, I'd never wear it either!