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Monday, July 16, 2012

Who are you kidding girl?

So for those of you who've read my about me, I've probably already screwed myself over by telling you I'm a hairstylist. Which now means I have to rethink every single picture I post because sadly, most of the time my hair is not done. Examples anyone??? I probably have a million.
Getting my nails done for my wedding, you would think The only redeeming thing in this photo it my cutie earrings, that look ridiculous with the rest of my appearance.

This would be my mommy and I at my REHEARSAL DINNER!!!! Hellloo??? Note to Stephie: You're supposed to look like a beautiful bride to be, did you not get the memo?

This one is at my brothers 22nd birthday dinner, do you think I could have done some hair and make up or at least dressed cute?? Oh no, not me.

 I know, I know... I freaking do hair for a living. But let me tell you people I HATTTEEE  doing my own hair (and make-up too) I know I'm awful, I do gorgeous hair on other people and I can't even do my own more then once a week, this is sad. But after reading this blog I realized I must be the worst hairstylist in the world, because this amazing girl does her hair everyday and she is so adorably cute! So I'm starting a new resolution to try and do my hair everyday that I am working (and once I get that down I seriously need to add some makeup in too). Don't get me wrong I love getting all dolled up for special occasions, but I seriously hate the amount of time it takes me, and to be honest I like sleeping more then I like looking great at work.  You should also know that I have crazy-kinky-curly hair that is uncontrollable when left natural so I actually have to put at least a half an hour into my hair for it to look presentable, maybe if I get an actual person to comment on my blog I'll post a picture of my awful natural hair...but until I won't humiliate myself. Does anyone else do this too?? Lets do this together, everyday Ill post and tell you if I kept up with my resolution.

Just to redeem myself I'll post some pics where I actually took some time to get all beautiful, so you all don't think I'm hideous....
My 21st birthday, just a few weeks ago.
Our engagement pictures taken almost a year ago.

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  1. Well, I happen to love your crazy curly hair. And holy hell, I look horrible.