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Monday, July 16, 2012

First post

So I've decided after reading a million blogs over the past few months that its about time I write my own. I figure I have everything you need to have a successful blog, I talk wayyyy too much (its gotten to the point where my family and friends are probably sick of listening *hence the blog*) I have a kid a husband and a puppy that constantly give me material to talk about and make fun of, I have a past that's worthy of a Jerry Springer episode and I have a good amount of time to sit at my computer and tell everyone about it! The one downfall is that I'm not very funny, but I can work on that over time right??? So I figure I'll give this a shot, and if no one reads or follows my blog, then I'll give it up. So if anyone in the world is reading this thank you! I promise I'll get better at this... for now here is a picture of my beautiful family :]

This is on our wedding day November 11, 2011.

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