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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Adult clothes

I need new clothes. Like badly. I still wear the same clothes I was wearing in high school, which I know was only like 3 years ago....but I'm a different person now and those clothes are a joke. I mean I am a wife and a mommy now, not a skinny, 15 year old trying to be sexy. Everything I own is tight, because that's how I liked my clothes to fit and now it's just inappropriate and doesn't fit my lifestyle AT ALL. I mean can you really chase after a four year old in a mini skirt and a deep V-neck....with your 21 year old boobies filling out the shirt (ya girl your not 15 anymore) And I am ALOT curvier then I was before I had Sophia and got married and packed on a few LB's, not that I'm complaining...I'm actually learning to embrace my voluptuousness . But wearing tight clothes when you have hips and a booty is just ridiculous lately. Every 5 seconds I'm pulling up my jeans, pulling down my shirt making sure the girls aren't about to fall out, I'm just done with it. So I need to get more "mommy clothes". I know mom's can still dress sexy, and trust me I still will...but I need a little more variety, some flowy tops and skirts, shorts that aren't for hoochie mamas....and for god sakes, no more v-necks!

Of course, I tried looking for an example picture for you guys and I can't find a good one. I must be learning to adjust myself before the camera comes out.

BUT here's the other problem, #1 I dropped 25 pounds before I got married, and got rid of ALL my fat clothes so that I would never fit into them again. But now I've gained some post-wedding, I'm happy so I don't care pounds and I can only fit into some select clothes. And #2 babies have deffinitely been on our minds lately.... so what's the point of spending a bunch of money on new clothes that I won't be able to fit into in the near future. And also even after those nine months pass my body will likely be totally different and the new clothes might not be what I need anymore.

So what to do??? Wait like a year to get some nice cute mommy clothes so I don't feel uncomfortable every single day?? Orrr get a few nice things that I can hide a baby bump under for a few months, and then shop more after baby??

I'll let you know what I decide!

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