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Monday, July 30, 2012

Decorating Sophia's Room

When we first moved into this new apartment almost a year ago Sophia had a really hard time adjusting. She didn't understand why we needed a new "house" or why she had to leave her old room, and she did NOT like her new room (even though it was much bigger) Our babysitter suggested we buy her some new cute sheets and decorate her room a little so she would feel more at home. So, 2 months before our wedding, with no money to spare...we scraped up some money and decorated our little girls room :] And with some extra purchases throughout the year this is what it looks like.

So obvioulsy it's not the fanciest little girl room you've ever seen, but everything we bought for this room was on sale or just really inexpensive.  I think it is coming together pretty cute, based on our tiny little budget. But there is still alot more I want to do to it, like for example this adorable idea I found on pinterest for a reading corner....

These are plastic rain gutters from home depot, that I would spray paint to match the colors of her room. and I already have a little rug for her! I absolutely love this, she has so many books and I could totally see her sitting there "reading" all day.

OR this one ^

 Unfortunately, we have to wait till we move into a house for this idea (fingers crossed people!)
I also want some more decorations on those walls, or maybe once we move and we can paint them the walls won't feel so blahh.

Then once were done with her room, our bedroom is next because it seriously needs some TLC. None of the furniture in our bedroom matches, which drives me freaking CRAZYYYY, we have no color going on anywhere...it's literally black and white in here :[ and we have ONE decoration on the wall (that I just put up like a month ago) This is pathetic you guys, my room is hideous. 

So I'm gunna go spend a few hours on pinterest until I find some inspiration for this ugly bedroom of mine....

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