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Monday, July 23, 2012

Wedding Day Part 2

So I told you guys about our trip to Florida, picking the venue, the decorations and my photographer mess up. You didn't think I was done with the dumb bride moments did you??? Unfortunately I am not the sharpest tool in the shed and I have a few more stories for you....

So lets back track a little bit to about 5 months before the wedding when we made the decision to make our own invitations. I know what your thinking, lots of people DIY their invitations... but let me just tell you although I like to think I can do all these cutesy DIY projects, the crafting gene clearly skipped a generation and I freaking SUCK at DIY projects! So my awesome hubby makes these freaking intricate templates for our invitations, and after changing our mind about different fonts, colors and papers we finally chose a combo we were happy with and had ourselves a little invitation party.

 We invited all the bridesmaids (I had FIVE) to my mom's house and we went to town on these devil invitations. We had to adhere two pieces of pretty paper together, trace the template onto the paper, cut out the invitation, fold the invitations, paste the paper with the words on the inside, glue ribbon around invitations and then tie them. Ohhh but were not done... we then made double sided RSVP cards, threw those in with the invitation, hand addressed all the envelopes (well my mom did) and then FINALLLLYYY sent them out. I think all together we took a good 4 months on these damn things. And I don't even have a freaking picture to show you one! But here is our invitation party...
There were more workers later on, but I never really got a group photo :/ The invitations really did come out nice, everyone who RSVP'd had something to say about them which was nice :]

Thennn came the night of my bridal shower/ bachelorette party, and let me tell you guys my mom and friend Jessica did a freaking FABULOUS job. It was everything you could ever want in a bridal/bachelorette party, including fun games, great friends, yummy food and drinks and even a stripper! Ya you read that right, my mom helped plan this party and she allowed a stripper there...in her own house!!! I was shocked. My mom is hilarious. Here's a few pictures, but I'm gunna leave out the stripper ones to protect the innocent ;]

We started things off at my moms house and then headed off to a club called after.life later on, so I had an outfit change :] There's a huge blingy pink ring on my shirt- how fitting!

OMG I haven't even told you all about my dress yet! So in January, only a month after I got engaged I went dress shopping and bought a dress! I thought it was THE ONE and that was the end of it... here's a picture of the dress when I tried it on at David's Bridal (it was like 4 sizes to big so it looks a little funny here)
Andddd here is a picture of a friend of mine and Johnny's wearing the exact same dress at her wedding (she added sleeves because she got married in the temple)
I didn't realize this until like 2months before my wedding, but needless to say I needed a new dress. Thank GOD David's Bridal is amazing and they let me exchange the dress for another one. The one I picked out was actually like $200 cheaper and I was able to buy my veil, garter, earrings and bustier without paying anything! And I'm so glad I chose a different dress, I don't think the first choice was very flattering on my body. This one is much better....

Now for the infamous rehearsal the day before the wedding. So to quickly summarize how I was feeling by this point in my wedding voyage, we are running around like crazy people trying to plan this wedding with hardly any money, working our butts off to save money, trying to accomodate our freidns and families wishes for our wedding day, make last minute decorations, taking care of a 3 year old, moving into a new apartment planning parties, going to appointments...you know all the fun wedding stuff.

 On top of that, I'm aggravated with everyone which is partially due to me being a beeeotch and partially due to dealing with freaking idiots who care more about themselves then the people who are actually getting married!!! Anybody else with me on this?? I should have just ignored everyone and did what ever the heck I wanted! Haha. So, the rehearsal dinner...my cousin had just come in town and is staying at my apartment with us, I'm sleep deprived and stressed and now I have to host a rehearsal for the biggest day of my life...and oh ya I have no idea what I'm doing. We did a little research of how things are supposed to progress in a wedding, but other then that neither one of us had any actual experience with any of this stuff.

 So we tell everyone what to do, practice like 5 times and people aren't paying attention and their messing shit up. Seriously?? How hard is it?? So I tell everyone we need to practice a few more times because they keep missing the mark when they're supposed to walk down the aisle, come one poeple! Well, everyone's bitching and moaning saying it will be fine, we don't need to practice they'll get it right the day of-which is tomorrow. Ummm no. I might have cussed out a groomsmen or two right about now...but who really remembers? haha.

 I go to my mom for help and she's siding with the groomsmen!! She tells me how she needs to get going to pick up my step-dads mom and he needs to go with her. Ughhh fine. Ohhh wait my brother has to leave too, to get some other relatives of my step-dads that I've never even met. Now, I'm pissed. That's three people from my wedding party leaving! Soooo I might have said some harsh words to mommy :/ Which was followed by getting scolded by the mother-in-law. I was FUMMINNNGGG. So I walked out of my own rehearsal...

 I just walked the heck out of there bawling my eyes out. I get followed out by my big brother Christian who begins chewing me out about how ungrateful I am, and then I freak out! I've had enough, this is my special day and it's being ruined by drama and stupid people and I can't take it anymore! Where are my bridesmaids?? My fiance?? Why isn't anyone on my side? So I scream at my brother, run away and literally hide behind a car crying my little heart out. (Ok sue me, I was 20 years old and I was sensitive) Eventually someone found me and I rode with my girlfriends to Chili's to have an extremely awkward rehearsal dinner.

Stay tuned for more....

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